Back Creek meetup and fundraiser - CANCELLED

2020 Meet at Back Creek

Well, this was the shortest-lived meeting notice I could have ever imagined!

The Back Creek meet planned for the 17th of April is postponed until Spring, or until we have a better idea when it will be safe to hold it.

Sorry for those of you who were looking forward to coming along.

For the time being, we won’t be having any PMAT activities until the situation settles down.


Don’t know how to use the link above . If it’s still on by the 18th i am keen for Sat and Sun.

The link on the address takes you to a Google Maps map of the area, for people who might not know how to get there. The other one is just our email address for RSVPs.

Thanks Miguel but the one for replying takes me nowhere but a picture of clouds ! Please consider me in , if we go ahead .

Got you, thanks. It’s just an email link but it will only work if your device is configured to handling them. You can also just reply here. I’ll edit the post to say that.

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Count me in for this trip, I’m in and and will come up on Friday.

So won’t to come to the meet but can’t make it this time :cry: as I my wife is due to have my baby :grinning: see you all next meet and good luck to all and stay safe

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Hi @lyn8curt, @Stozki, the meet has been postponed until later in the year. We don’t know when yet.



Thanks Miguel , i thought this is the way it would end up . We have to look after our more elderly prospectors , which is probably the majority of us ! Stay well everybody .


Your right. None of us want this monster hanging over our heads. :skull_and_crossbones: :skull: :ghost:

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