Do you use a detector? Tell us about it!

Sometimes, but it doesn’t really seem to make much difference in gold mode. Big rusty stuff still gives off jumpy signals no matter how high you have it so I mostly leave about 5 and just dig solid targets.

A friend lent us an old detector from his shed. It’s a cheap and almost comical example. However when my partner and I took it down the bottom paddock on all metal mode, it was picking up old nails and farm rubbish from fencing quite deep and very actually (on all metal mode). It’s an activity she enjoyed so I wouldn’t mind getting into it a little more as an extra activity when we are panning or something. Any tips on settings and story’s from anyone that’s used one would be great!


We had one of those, we used to call it the dog finder, because it was awesome at finding railway dogs, but not so good at finding anything else. Probably best getting a detector with better discrimination if you want to find non ferrous stuff.