How do I identify my stones?

I give up. I have no luck with PM. Now some admin message came through to fill out my profile, but when I PM’d back asking how to send a PM, I got an error - sigh. I’m not a forum person … email would be better. If PatHogan would PM me an email address (as I can apparently receive PM), we can get on with polishing a facet off forum.

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I did it with 3 different quartz and topaz pieces, with the same result 3 times - the ‘diamonds’ stayed cold a lot longer. Interesting.

Hi @tasmanianartist, those messages are automated, I don’t know for sure but you can probably ignore the one about filling out your profile.

To PM someone, you can click on their name / icon and a box should flash up that gives you a message button. However the way that this forum site works is by asigning a trust level to users to prevent spam, and I don’t know whether you’re able to send PMs straight away. I’ve upgraded your trust level since I know you’re a person and not a bot, so you should be able to have access to messages.

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Yep, got it at last - I’ve not been in many forums, and those few had the PM and messages feature on the rhs top. But I got it now. Thanks. (I won’t be filling in too much profile - my forum presence is almost done - it was merely to get my head around these ‘diamonds’.

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Just like to say thank you to everyone who helped me identify my ‘diamonds’. They are cold enough, and hard enough, and from a source that, 25 years ago, came well recommended, for me to accept that they are the ‘world famous’ Killiecrankie Diamonds.

I’ve decided to polish one of the faces of the blue stone - it’ll be a one-off novelty experience, but if I’m successful, the stone will join a few other ‘oddities’ next year for a pendant.

Again, thank you to everyone, and cheerio.
(I’ll keep my account here, just in case I have need of any other advice on rocks).


G’day Marlies,
Your pebbles look certainly like Killecrankie Diamonds (topaz) to me. They are sought after and fetch a better price then topaz from other locations. Hang on to them as they are harder to find nowadays. I’ve been over on Flinders isld a few times and last trip January this year I didn’t find any .

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Hello oldrocknut

They’re definitely not going anywhere - I’ll polish one face of the blue one, to include it in a pendant (next year - this year is already taken up by waiting for 2 other pendants … that’s okay, I’m patient). I’ll see how far I get with my polishing endeavour. When done, I’ll post a pic to show off a little.

Bought them about 25 years ago as an artisan, makrame-knotted pendant that had 9 stones knotted into the thread. The name ‘Killiecrankie’ always tickled my fancy - that’s why I bought them - I never believed that they’d be ‘some real thing’, and it was merely the imaginary name-giving of the artisan. When the makrame knotting gave out, cos of moths, I rescued the stones. Out of their string cage they looked different, and when a friend mentioned ‘Killiecrankie Diamond’ for a wedding ring for his bride-to-be, I thought they might be worth a question or two.

Thanks for your note. Could it be that the ‘Killiecrankie’ finds were a mere fluke, originating from an accumulation of a one-off ‘seam’ (or whatever rock/stream deposits that may be)? The mind boggles …



So here I am - three weeks or so later - resting my fingertips. I invested in 1200grit silicone carbide wet n dry, some glue, a board to glue the sandpaper to, and the polishing leather - and once I had it all together (which isn’t easy nowadays when stores’ shelves aren’t sync’d with the online ‘stock’ - never mind), I was finally ready to go this past week.

I did say I’d show a few pics when done.
I can now appreciate the comments about ‘clear’ stones - the camera had a devilish time focussing on the ‘empty’ inside.

The last photo (the one just above this text), shows a ‘raw’ ‘dome’ with a split face - that’s now smooth, and the fifth ‘window’.

Holding it between the tips of thumb, index finger and middle finger, and the fingernails, I hunkered down and started grinding. I’d like to make it clear - it’s my first, and only stone polishing endeavour - a novelty that will do its natural wearing off.

One of the photos is taken with flash (the one that looks very blue). The one with fingers all black silhouetted is taken against the window.

(Just bragging a little, but I’m quite pleased with the result).

I have one question - and it seems to me that hand-polishing a mirror finish is basically impossible just holding such a small stone with only my finger tips (I’ve used a few tricks, but sore fingers put a stop to it). In the photo where the stone looks like rubik’s cube, the not so mirror finish is evident. The surfaces get that ‘brochure mirror sparkle’ only when I rub a little oil on it.
Edit: I forgot to formulate the question: what’s the easiest way to get that ‘brochure sparkly mirror’ finish?
(I’m basically happy with what I’ve achieved, but if there is something I can try without investing in an expensive tool, I’ll try it.)