Pistols at 7 paces!

Found one pistol anyway ! Worked a very junky site on the weekend finding a percussion pocket pistol , powder flask and coins back to 1866 . Sure was hard work though .


What state did you find them in ?

Cheers, anaspides

Tassie . I don’t detect on the big island .

Excellent finds Curt - the pistol and powder bag together is amazing.

I thought I would post last week’s finds here as well. Found a copper rising sun badge which is No3 in the series. The rising suns are well documented. This one commenced in 1904. Also some other objects.


There will be nothing left if you keep finding it :slight_smile:
Thanks for posting

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That’s an awesome find Curt! Well done!

I like the barrel tap too. I’ve found a few of those myself.


Well done Karl , i still have not found an RS ! They are my great white whale . Don’t know what the next two items are . I suppose you know the bottom one is from a door lock .

There is always something left , you just have to work harder to find it !

Thanks Miguel . The little tap is from a Rega backpack sprayer .

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Nice gun, good to see you rescued it before it disolved into nothing. They thought they got all the gold during the 1800s gold rushes but many have proved them wrong since. Imagine what will be found if a cheap hand held GPR comes out!


Great finds Curt :smiley:
I found a brass powder flask many years ago: more battered than yours and it took me a while to work out its identity!
The pistol though…wow. very cool


You’ll find one eventually. You have probably been searching older sites. I found that rising sun in a habitation site used for about 30 or more years. You’ve got heaps of great finds anyway :grinning:

Prospecting is a pretty good pastime during this pandemic cause I recon most of us are ‘loners’ anyway. I think ‘quarantine’ is more strict than heading out with a detector or sluice. I hope none of the PMAT people are affected. :hammer_and_pick: