Pmat meet back ck tassy

Hi all just update on pmat meets
an just general news
Well we all can start heading bush now so done a trip already an was great the club gunna have a meet late sept early oct at back ck on ron an pauls lease we gotta nut out final dates with ron then we will post dates probably have another one in november as well sum where so any ideas on locatitions yell out the club will provide hand wash water toilets etc at all meets an if you are crook stay home pls pmat is financially pretty good we’ve got a bit under $3000 in bank an have hats stubby holders stickers etc so there is money coming in at sum stage the committee my have a chance to talk to guy barnett an raise a few questions will talk on that more later in general gossip i think we seeing bigger nuggets popping up an there seems a real increase in people interested in prospecting lots of tassy u tube an face book sites now theres rumours of discovery channel down here to do shows it will be interesting to see what pans out a private lease up at mt bell way changed hands recently an brought by a well know name interesting to c what happens there any way it will b great to catch up with every one cheerz andrew


Hi Andrew, my wife and have been members of pmat in the past and
hope to make the back creek event. Miguel told me you have some
caps on hand and would possibly post them to me. If you are able to
do this I can do a direct debit Payment to your bank for caps and postage.
Terry Jones.

Best news so far this year, sounds great.

Ha terry give us a buzz sumstage an will sort something out 0400623451 regards andrew

Mangana/Tower Hill area is a suggestion, I recall we had a positive response from the exploration licence holder pre-covid


Theres good camping area at mathinna as well got the club an good showers toilets as well