Prospecting licence

My new licence arrived today ,15 days after applying for it .


Red and Yellow really out weighs the green doesn’t it.

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Some improvement: 5 years instead of 1, for same price, more clarity re area available and how to get info via ListMap, I believe there are mor fossicking areas being made available too.
These are all steps in the right direction.
Definitely some credit to PMAT and also those progressive members of MRT :pray::+1:


I never got a list of areas like that when i got mine.

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This is awesome and a whole world away from the days of banging my head talking to the designated rep in MRT and trying to explain that, if an area is available for mining under the MRDA (the law), it is also available for prospecting.

Now to get some clarity from Parks who seem to think that they should be issuing their own permits, even though the MRDA overrides them.