The feminine side of old gold mining

rps20190824_095334 ! Some relics found near an old mine recently, must have been a hard life for the ladies in those days.


Nice collection there Dave . When digging corset hooks , thimbles and brooches etc. i often wonder how a woman managed in the conditions . They must have been a hardy lot .

Reckon that this was a blokes only miners camp, the bullet looking thing is a bottle stopper from a bottle of John Lamont soda water, bottled in Scotland.


Doing well Dave ! Love the bottle stopper . That snake buckle is a unique design , i have never seen one like that out of probably hundreds found .:+1:

Reckon this would have had a mirror in it once.


Probably was a mirror. So much of the 1800’s objects are complete but their use is now unknown and nobody alive today knows what they were used for. I like the patina on this one. :pick: