Trespassing in private property - Cygnet area

Hey everyone.

I’ve had some concerning reports of trespassers in private property down in the Cygnet area. The owners of a property came to find six guys happily poaching inside their property. The guys said they thought they were in a creek so they were OK.

A word of warning, apart from a couple of spots on the foreshore and along Forsters Rivulet, there is no publicly acessible land in the Cygnet area. The creeks are all inside private property with no riparian reserve or public access. You MUST have permission before heading out anywhere in there. If you don’t, you’re giving all the rest of us a bad name.

In this case, the owner proceeded to find a YouTube videos and Facebook posts from inside the property. Luckily for the trespassers the owner was friendly in this case (I know I wouldn’t have been, and it would not be unheard of to get greeted with a shotgun, as has happened recently in Moorina).

I’ve edited this post to remove direct links to the page and video, but please have some bloody common sense. Don’t trespass, there are plenty of other places to go. Ask for permission before you enter someone’s land, not after you get caught. Don’t bring a bunch of mates with you into private property without permission. If you didn’t know you were trespassing and get caught, don’t make excuses, just leave, or apologise and ask for permission to come back, and don’t post videos and photos on social media of yourself trespassing and poaching in private property.

All these are my own personal opinions and independent of any PMAT official policy.


Bloody amateur, people like this give our hobby a bad name. Can’t fix stupid unfortunately.

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Shared to Tas Metal Detectorist Assoc.

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Thanks for that Nettie :+1:

Subsequently deleted by admin cos someone posted a name. I hope these have learnt from their mistakes

Hi Nettie,

I edited my own post so as not to point directly at a person, but left the post up as a warning to check before you go.

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I meant on the Tas Metal Detecting ASsoc site Miguel, all good not this site.

Isnt too hard to ask permission. I know the property owner well and he is generally happy to give people access if they ask.


Hi all might make up a starnard sorta letter which we can give to club members which they just fill in there details i assume name address etc etc an purpose which they can give to land owner or lease holder andrew is making up a few prototypes any ideas what should b on it

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Public liability insurance is becoming a bigger issue to many landholders . If we have it it needs to be stated .

We have public liability insurance but it only covers official club events.


Thanks Miguel , pity it’s not like a couple of shooting organisations i am a member of . Their member insurance covers you up to 20,000,000 any time your engaged in shooting , private or club event . No doubt this costs more though . It is a help with some farmers now as they won’t let you on their properties without it .

I don’t understand farmers wanting people to have public liability as they have to have it themselves for any visitor or bushfire etc. seems a bit unfair. The thing now is if it’s classed as adventure insurance some agencies are finding renewal difficult where does this leave prospecting ?

The club could look into a all round public liability but i would say our membership would have to go up apla in wa got cover same as pmav in vic the pmat committee gunna try an get together soon an have a general catch up so we maybe nut something out then cheers

If a farmer has to use his liability insurance for one of us then he is up to his neck in paper work and inconvenience , and then there is the following premium increases . Use also increases your premium . One year on our farm we mentioned the shearers quarters to the insurance company , they immediately whacked the premium up another $10,000 !!! We were very adamant after that that the other buildings were unused , could have gone up another $40,000 !

For God sake can’t we take responsibility for ower self if they give you the permission to be there then if you hurt ya self sucked in. Sick of everyone trying to be like bloody America

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Its not only America. What about ‘accelerated depreciation’? Apparently it means the newer an asset is the more it loses value. It only makes sense to an accountant. (I make enemies real easy) :slight_smile:

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Ann Teator says that the wealthier you are, the more money you can spend and, claim greater depreciation, makes sense eh?

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Sounds right but it looks like I am going ‘off topic’.

As for ‘permissions’ I think the owner should get first option on anything found. Sometimes properties have been in one family for generations and relics were lost by their relatives.
At least with this attitude you will get access again.

PS The current gold price is $AU 2,560 per ounce, or $82 per gram.

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