1864 penny a bucket lister

Got a bucket lister today a 1864 penny sadly in very bad condition but at least one off the list


I just watched a video on DIY electrolysis.
You can make one of these easily with stuff around the house for sure.

This coin looks like a candidate for electrolysis :slight_smile:

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@karl I use electrolysis all the time in the workshop cleaning rusty stuff, works amazingly well but I have not tried anything non-ferrous yet.

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In the axe forums they use Vinegar or better yet RUST-OLEUM.

Hi ratters. I made an electrolysis kit following the video. I used a small 12V 100mA plugpack that really puts out around 17v. I used reo and it makes a lot of bubbles on both terminals. In the US they call it baking soda but here it’s bicarb. A good multimeter pays for itself pretty fast. Cheap multimeters are not worth buying in my opinion.

What I learned from this video is never use table salt for cleaning anything because of the iodine. Old coins in Australia were circulated for a long time and are often smooth. No amount of cleaning will change this. In my opinion smooth coins with no date are just garbage and thats where I send them.