1890's Field Finds 2

I started a new topic so scrolling down is faster. Found some new fields, a lot of junk, some hot days and some interesting stuff.

My first reins guide and some buckles, bolts and pocket watches.
1868 shilling (925 silver)
1874 and 1883 pennys
1916 and 1920 Aus pennys
1917,1919 and 1943 Aus half pennys

Mystery items

Not sure what they are. A brass winder, an S-Shaped item with mini door knobs and something with 4 hooks on it. Any ideas welcome?


The S-shaped thingywotsit looks like a hat or cloak hook? Possibly one of several on a wooden stand :man_shrugging:
Always fun trying to interpret items from centuries ago!


My grandfather had a butter churn with a very similar crank handle on it from memory .


Thanks for the suggestions Drystone and Dave. Close to the mark I recon. A lot of the stuff in the ground is steampunk technology :tophat: :crystal_ball: :bellhop_bell: :manual_wheelchair: :compass: :steam_locomotive:


Some April finds.

I dug another Boer War medallion. Different to the first one, it has ‘Colonel Baden Powell Defender of Mafeking’ on the reverse. Made by Stokes, they are not military medals but commemorative medals I think.
Found a bottle pourer with G.P. Milsom Launceston engraved on it.
A button that looks like a watch winder has a loop on the back.
A small ‘Victor’ lantern Made in USA.
1947 Florin, 1902 and 1907 British pennies.