1890's Field Finds

My first Diamond Jubilee medallion dated 1897 and a half penny from 1893. The pocket watch with a face is a first for me. I pictured both sides of it. It still has roman numerals. Found more of the linked things on the right. I think they are harness decorations.


Very nice finds Karl . Must be very kind soil as they are in great condition . Couple of excellent fancy buttons . I have found similar linked plates like those of yours on 3 sites and believe they were gilt fancy belts to be worn around a ladies dress . That’s a fine site your on , hope there is more there for you yet .


Thanks Curt. They could be parts of a ladies belt. The site once had an old house. Here is yesterday’s finds.

Found a bezel that fits the old pocket watch. A mystery item at the top, a Simplex 650 pencil sharpener in the middle, a padlock, a 1898 penny and a 1903 Edward V11 half penny.

I’ve been using the Equinox in Field 2, with 2 tones. Its an interesting setting that could work in some locations.


Nice work Karl , that top piece is a real puzzler ! Ripper old pencil sharpener . I like finding old locks like that . The coins look pretty crisp so probably dropped soon after circulation . Gotta be a silver there somewhere .

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Went detecting yesterday and found the usual stuff including a button made in Bendigo and a tool like a centre punch etc.

I was heading back when I started finding more of the weird disk belts.

I found 9 disks on the day and added them to my collection. Now I have the 2 end pieces (top left and below). They show how the belts clipped together. I have not been able find a single picture of anyone wearing one of these. They could be Chinese or ladies belts as Curt suggested. I would love to know.


Well done Karl , that tool with the bent end may have been used to scrape out horses hooves . You have found most of that belt now , while i cannot remember where i saw it i have seen an old pic of one of those belts being worn around a ladies waist over a long flowing cotton dress . It looks like yours may have been silver plated . I have found parts of one with some gilt remaining on two sites . I am surprised you have not turned up a silver coin there yet .

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Thanks Curt. The centre punch is probably for cleaning horses hooves. I did find a horse shoe nearby. A PMAT member sent me a picture of metal ladies belts here:

I discovered the 1800’s ‘electric belt’ craze while investigating this. It was just snake oil but they were selling belts that were supposed to have miraculous qualities.


Geez, that electric belt sounds like it’s more likely to cause impotence than cure it!


Yep that’s the ladies metal belt .
Ouch !!! that electric noose is scary .

There was an almost unlimited market for fake cures in the 1800’s - early 1900’s.
I found a shop selling electric belts in Hobart but I somehow lost the details online.
These belts are definitely out there in Tasmania. Check this out?

Made in Wynyard and advertised in the Zeehan & Dundas Herald 1904.