2021 Detecting Goals

2020 was my first year of really detecting and i got 22 precimals and around 50 decimals at about 20 dollars was cursed by 1c and 2c pieces with over 35 of them i thought i put done my 2021 goals
A victoria Penny
A ram Shilling
A Florin
a pre 1830 coin
a tradesman token
a Ring Gold or Silver
a nugget over a gram
any pre 1900 silver coin
a cricket buckle
a musket ball
lets hope i can knock off some of these off my list by the end of the year


That’s a solid list there! I’ve knocked a couple of those off, but plenty more remain!
My list includes trading tokens and any early 1800’s coins.
Oh, yes a nugget or two would be fine also lol


Good luck with your goals Indi . Certainly possible if you do the hours in the right places , but it,s getting harder every year as most areas have been hit hard .


yes iam always researching and DHawley been such a massive help i just need the luck part


At this point, my wife and I are hoping to find any coin or historic relic of interest. We’ve only just started up, with our first bit of detecting around the ruins of an old settlement house on my brother’s place at Frankford.

Found a couple of old iron bridge spikes, an old boot heel with nails (hobnails?) still attached, and LOTS of rubbish targets.

We move house in a week and a half, and plan to get our prospecting permits after the address change is official. Looking forward to finding our first old coin once we can start searching in better spots.


good luck Peter Picnic spots are a great place to start just make sure they are not in reserves