A new hobby - faceting!

I’ve wanted to try my hand at gemstone faceting for a number of years now and recently an opportunity came up to purchase a faceting machine locally so I went for it. One of our members here kindly organised a lesson for me with an experienced gem cutter in Hobart and got me off to a flying start.

Today I finished my first stone - a piece of clear quartz picked up at the recent PMAT field trip to Gladstone. A few mistakes were made, plenty of little lessons learned and getting to know my faceting machine but I am stoked with the result! A real stunning little gem. Cut in the classic “Standard round brilliant”. I’ve been trying to take a photo which shows off its sparkle and glitter to no avail, apparently this isn’t an easy thing to do.

Can’t wait to do a few more now!


Well done mate faceting is a great hobby

Wow, that looks great! :clap:

I’m pretty jealous right now.

That looks really awesome !
You must have a unbelievably steady hand :+1::+1::+1:

Very impressive ! Would like to think i have the patience to produce something like that , but probably not !

Here’s my 1st faceting attempt I did a few years ago


A few more stones I did over the last couple of weeks. Getting the hang of things now, and really enjoying it. I started out with the intention of being able to cut the stones I dig myself, ie Sapphire, Topaz, Zircon, but now I really just want to cut anything and everything! If anyone has any exotic gemstone rough they want to sell please contact me im buying :slight_smile:


Smoky Quartz

Synthetic Sapphire



The cut stones look great Ratters! The smoky quartz is a lovely colour.
Hoping to drag the family out for some gem hunting over the break

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Absolutely stunning. Love the smokie quartz. Keep up the good work and hope to see allot more.

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You really have made progress with this. Congratulations. The little display boxes do they have a clear cover? I have a crocoite that is so fragile it needs to be cemented into a display box like that.

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Hi @karl yes they have lids although the lid is pretty flush with the little cushion so it presses the gems down a bit, not a problem for cut stones but crocoite might get broken I think. Pretty handy little case actually, fairly cheap on ebay and will do me for a while.

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G’day Ratters,
You are doing a very good with your new hobby. What sort of a machine are you using ? I have some faceting grade garnets from the harts ranges. Happy to give you a couple.

Cheers and Merry Christmas

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Ray that would be fantastic I would love to try some hartz range garnets, I have seen some photos of them when cut and they do look amazing. Would be happy to facet a couple and send you one back :slight_smile:

The machine is an older Aus made one called a Hall MkV, its in pretty good shape and seems to be cutting very well.


Thanks for the pictures ratters - nice case and a nice machine. People are going to want a PMAT discount to do their stones :grin:

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Hey Jared, I replied to your mail to me ,but it won’t go through, what did I do wrong? I am not very bright when it comes to IT stuff.
I basically wrote asking how to get the stones to you and that I may have a couple of top sieve zircons from the north east for you also if there any good for faceting that is. Did you had a go to facet some spinel? They are looking stunning too.

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Be a while before I start offering people the chance to pay to have their good stones ruined :joy:

As it is I am not touching any of my sapphires until I know I can do them to a very high standard.

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Send you a private message :slight_smile: I have not done any Spinel yet but have a heap of really good size ones I have collected over the years so I will have a go at some point. I have never been fortunate enough to find a faceting grade top sieve zircon.

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Love the photo’s . Amazed at how good that smoky looks . Keep up the great work and keep this thread going , thanks .


A couple of smokies I cut recently… The trillion (triangle) cut is in my own design, and I am very happy with how it turned out. It’s a fun process designing gems, a kind of crossroads between maths, art and science.


I love how that smokey Quartz cuts . Big temptation to buy a machine and have a go but i think i have too many interests already ! Thanks for showing and keep up the great work .

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