Advice on gold detecting

Hi all just looking for advice on how I go about getting permission to detect for gold on a mining lease


Hello and welcome to pmat

Getting permission is not an easy task but is possible

Listmap is a website that will show you who has the mining lease or exploration license on the piece of land you are wanting to prospect on and also if it is private land or public land

There are online YouTube tutorials on how to use the website

All the land worth prospecting in Tasmania is under some form of lease or expropriation Licence and most are big mining companys and it can be quite difficult to get a reply from them

Good luck :+1:


I’ve just spent some time looking at mining leases in Tasmania and I’d like to share what I found. On a mining lease the mining company assumes liability for anything that happens on the lease. It gets transferred from the state to the lease holder. Lease holders have to have 3rd party insurance because of this.

If somebody trespasses on the lease and falls down an old shaft they can sue the lease holder for compensation. I don’t agree with the legals here but it has resulted in farmers going bankrupt due to quad bike accidents in Tasmania.

Because of this it is a lot easier for the mining company or lease holder to say ‘no’. You can see why they do this. They don’t know when you will be on the lease and often why you are really there. Years ago I asked for permission and got a flat ‘no’. The whole town I’m in is covered by an active mining lease but it does not cover private property which is the whole town. They just take shortcuts mapping the lease :slight_smile: I can detect on my land but a metre outside is the lease and I would be trespassing. The mining company must negotiate with a private property owner if they want to explore so it goes both ways.

Mining leases go for a long time. This one expires in 2030. I think that you can prospect on petroleum leases which are huge provided you are not looking for oil.

Back in the old days they just built the town on top of the mineral deposit so today the 2 land uses are forced to coexist. After 5pm the lease here becomes an illegal dirt bike track and most of the people think that’s perfectly legal. But it’s not. The police know their stuff and rarely go onto a lease unless it’s being robbed. They have missing people to find and a lots of other stuff.

My advice for what it’s worth is accept the fact that you can’t prospect anywhere you like. The available areas are often a lot more interesting and challenging. You do this because you like a challenge right?