Advocate newspaper

Anyone seen the newspaper today a story about a detectorist bad behaviour was going start getting out more but may have to stay quiet


I haven’t seen it. Are you able to take a picture of the article and post it here, or link to an online version if they have one?

Which newspaper?? Sounds mighty worrying indeed!

Never mind, I found it.

It’s on the cover of today’s edition too.

Sadly you see this sometimes. One day I was walking the dog at a park in Austins ferry and a group of four teenagers with a detector were digging up the sports ground using spades.

If you do see someone causing damage, please help them by showing them how to do things without hurting the surface, if you have a chance!



I’ve often thought about taking my detector to the park up the back of Austins ferry to get some practice with it, it’s close to home and a bit out of the way compared to most parks, but I’m pretty sure I’d need permission from the council? Has anyone dealt with a local council as far as detecting permissions?

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Only takes one idiot to spoil it for the rest… should have his/her pin pointer shoved where the sun don’t shine :rage: