All weather cover for Equinox 600/800

I now manufacture and sell an All weather cover for the Equinox 600/800 control display.
I m selling them on EBay but will sell privately to any of our members and their friends.
The cost is $40 witch INCLUDES postage Australian wide $10:08…


Hi Diggerjohn,
Do you have any of these left as I have just purchased a Nox 800 and would be interested in one.

Hi sorry for the delay in getting back to you… I make them to order so and sell them on eBay also… they are $40 witch includes 10:05 postage anywhere in Australia.
Regards John

How do I go about paying you for one? Or do I look on eBay?

Probably best to look at eBay… do you have PayPal?

Or I can send you my bank details.!!

What are they listed as on eBay as I haven’t come across them yet?
Yes, I do have PayPal.
I will have another look on eBay.

Hi John

Found them on eBay and just purchased, thank.



Thanks Wayne, will make straight away and should have in the post tomorrow :+1:
good hunting… regards John

Thanks John, no rush I am in no hurry as the next few weeks are fairly hectic and I won’t get any detecting time. Cheers Wayne

Finished and posting today.:+1:… am also developing a protective padded coil cover in oilskin to match.( for storage and transport)

please let me know if the controls cover requires any improvements . Regards John .

The package arrived today, item looks excellent.
Thanks again

Wayne D

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My pleasure… any feedback on the design is welcome… good hunting :+1:

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