Back ck weekend trip

Hi all what a great weekend at rons a big thank u to ron for his hospitatly an generosity something like this i would say is very rare for prospectors access to a mining lease with a excavator for clearing access to areas i think most people got a bit of color the club raised about $1000 which is great a big thanks to sponsors 2 easy kindling an allgoods an i think the raffle system worked really well an was great fun i think we had 60 70 people who turned up i think the club has got a good committee and everyone pitched in a big thanks to all invovled an i think everything ran well its great to c miguel got the forum up an running so anyone with ideas for trips etc put it out there or contact one of the committe members between all of us there is a lot of knowledge there just one more thing please do the right thing by ron and contact him before going back there no excuses he has to b contacted not doing so can stuff it up for all of us hope everyone had a good time an c u at next meet regards andrew


Thanks Andrew!

I totally agree, it was an awesome trip and there was a real feeling that everyone was keen to pitch in.

Also echoing what you said about permission. Getting permission to go to places like this is a privilege, not a right. Ron and Paul need to know who comes and goes, it is their lease and they pay a lot of money to keep it going.

Thanks everyone for a great weekend.



G’Day everyone. Ema & I really enjoyed the weekend.
Looking forward to the next one in the new year.
Thanks to everyone who come along and I hope you enjoyed yourselves.

Ron & Emma