Back creek fossicking

A Public Liability issue has arisen with my allowing fossickers onto 2M/2011 at Back Creek.
Until I am able to sort out this matter, permits to fossick will not be issued.
I apologise for any inconvenience.

Ron Gregory


Sorry to hear that Ron and hope you are able to resolve the issue without any drama. Your generosity in allowing people to fossick there is much appreciated, particularly by myself, the last pmat meeting there was my first experience with chasing the elusive colour we are all so fond of and I look forward to hopefully being able to head there again some day.


You’ll have to start doing inductions with a written test. I once did the new employee one instead of the visitor one at the Super Pit Kalgoorlie by accident. It was mostly about how good the security is at shift change :smile:


Gotta keep a close eye on those miners when there’s no breathalyzer test to pass the next morning. We had an incident where the shift bus did multiple donuts in the carpark then ended up bogged in the creek after a shift change. Everyone claimed they didn’t see nothing!


I can recommend a video on a modern sluicing operation in the Yukon.
I kept thinking about using one of these high pressure hoses on the Red Lead at Back Creek.
Lack of water and regulations would be an issue here in Tassie for sure.

Here, they are getting gold as well as mammoth tusks and old mining equipment from the Klondike gold rush. The tour of a complete gold dredge is well worth it.


G’Day Karl
Thanks for the video. I had not seen that one before.
I am a fan of hydraulic sluicing & dredging, but being able to work the upper Red Lead would involve a new Mine Plan by MRT with difficult approval including rehab cost and an Environment Licence, which we don’t need at the moment.
A small hydraulic plant for White Lead has been in the back of my mind for some time.



I could be cheaper than conventional alluvial mining once diesel and time is compared. I found most family farmers in Tasmania don’t pay themselves an hourly rate so they subsidise the end product.

Possibly a lot of small-scale mining is similar and people do it for the life style. The gold price may not stay high for the long term. Hard to predict.


Nice one karl enjoyed the video i get a bit sick of the bullshitty ones with all the dramas very interesting


Glad you liked it Andrew. I notice Frank has go Yukon Gold Part 2’ on his Youtube channel.