Back Creek meets Pipers River

Was thinking of kayakying to the piont where Back Creek and Pipers River meet, being there at low tide, would it be worth digging down to firm ground and having a look, panning for gold?

Dunno about anyone else, but I’ve never had any luck panning in Back Creek, I don’t think the gold made it from the ancient leads down to the present day creek. Not sure if it’s possible, but I’d be looking at the junction of Curries river and blanket creek.

Same as Dave. Only a very few micro-bits in the creek itself. All the gold I’ve ever got there was on and around the leads.

Awesome, well thats saves me a long paddle, so will look at then a possible trek to your recommendations, thanks very much for the information :grinning:

Planning a visit to Blanket creek Curries River Junction, it is covered by a tenement and have obtained permission to detect and pan in the area. Just finishing off with the Land owers permission and Ill be good to go, hoping all this rain has flushed more material into the cracks and crevices there. Whoo hoo cant wait.

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That’s the top of Blanket Creek, where it’s usually 2 feet wide and 2 inches deep, last week. So I reckon it should be well flushed out further down, and hopefully plenty of flood gold left behind. The Lefroy Deep Lead is in the area too so there’s a chance of nuggets amongst the fine gold thats all along Blanket Creek.


Any good place to pan there?

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Matty, the fella say no,
So i haven’t bothered at this stage .
But if yohr keen go for it and let me know…:+1:

Which fella are you talking about? I will have a drive out there Saturday

Think his name is Dave , but read the first two responses to the post.

Matt are you heading to back creek or blanket creek.?

I was planning to drive to blanket creek not sure if I will find a good spot to pan but it’s better than staying at home

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Good luck, hope it goes well, where on the creek?