BDO Minelab survey of recreational prospecting in Australia

Hey everyone,

Some of you may have got this already, if Minelab has your contact details, but if not here it is:

Minelab are doing a survey of recreational prospecting in Australia to get a handle on its contribution to economic activity. I think this is pretty important work, and the figures they produce would be the sort that we’d kill (not literally!) to be able to use when we lobby for a better deal for prospectors.

If you’re interested in participating — I’d encourage everyone who prospects to do so — here’s a link to register. They will then email you a link to the survey.

I’ve got in touch with Minelab already to see if they would allow us (PMAT) to make use of the data they come up with, and to see in which other ways we might be able to help out.

As a bonus, if you’re happy to give them your email address, you can choose to go in the running for a giveway Minelab Equinox-800 or Gold Monster 1000 metal detector.


Good one Miguel,
I looked in my email and found the survey in the junk folder!
Have submitted survey, probably took 5-10min, mostly normal prospecting stuff, questions forward end were more health related: but there are “rather not say” options if you don’t want to answer.
I hope they can come back with some Tas specific survey data for the club!