Beginner hunting gold

Hi all I’m in devonport any places for me too look for gold that’s not doctors rocks? Tried a few places but no luck. I WANT GOLD!!!

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No good going to other people’s spots mate, I know that when I find an area with good gold I do my best to clean it all out! Check out MRT maps, trove, alluvial gold in Tasmania book and the Apple Isle prospectors website then try to work out where no one else has been!


You’re not too far from gold areas. The hardest part is starting out.

Have you managed to find ANY gold yet? Even if it’s flyshit sized specks in your pan, it will give you confidence which is why a lot of people start off in well-known places even though there’s not much hope of finding a good bit. A lof of the creeks and rivers that drain the Wynyard tillite carry gold, as do the Hellyer and Arthur rivers… but I wouldn’t be heading out there until the rivers go down and the weather warms up.

I’m about to start preparing invitations to the next two PMAT trips, and one of these is to the Zeehan area, where there will be gold nearby. If you’re free you should consider coming along. If nothing else you’ll meet a bunch of people who will be more than happy to help out with suggestions.


Thanks Miguel I haven’t found any I haven’t done proper preparations which might be why I haven’t found any. I will be interested in zeehan trip