Best Ever Find!

Ok this showoffs corner ! Below is my best ever find that i rate higher than my Sovereign find . Found in our farmyard with a Makro Gold detector . I donated this find to the WW1 collection at QMAG Launceston because if people at the time thought enough of this bloke to have the fob made for him then it should be able to been seen by people today , rather than sitting in a private collection somewhere . I was also worried that it might be stolen in a burglary and get melted down .
15ct gold , made in Melbourne by Willis and sons .


That’s beautiful!

He must have had some good friends! I wonder what his story was. Did you ever find out?


Thanks Miguel , it was a real buzz when i saw it in the bottom of the hole . I knew instantly that i had found something special . I looked up his military record , when he signed up he listed his occupation as mine manager . Sykes gully in the North West may be named after him . He was recently bereaved and had only one child , a daughter . I tracked down where she lived and died finding no records of children and it seemed that the family just petered out so the museum was the best place for it . There is more to his story but to much for my one fingered typing !
The museum said they were going to do a media release about this find and donation which should have been good press for detecting generally , but to my knowledge they never got around to it .


A brilliant find & what a BUZZ to find!
I applaud your decision to donate to the museum.



What a wonderful find.
Such a pity there’s no surviving relatives to keep it.
Museum is definitely the best place.
Thanks for sharing!