Blanket Creek Session

Spent about 2 hours at Blanket Creek today, water is substantially lower, and running clear, but lots of evidence to see how high it was at its peak. Took the Nox 800, it seemed to find plenty of targets on the edges and even in the creek, creek bottom is about an inch thick with organic matter picking a spot just before timber made a small dam i shovelled down to clay, but only found 1 micro dot in the pan from the edge of the creek, the detector was giving me some solid readings, using the shovel to ensure i grabbed the target i panned it out in the creek only to find an no result. On reflection i wounder if the might have been small hot rocks rather then something in the ground. Warrents further investigation…


Hey mate, the nox 800 is pretty sensitive, ground noise or hot rocks are common, see David Hawleys settings on Do you use a detector forum, he is spot on and I have had similar signals in the 11- 16 range although for me it was 11-13 the nox was giving solid signals on every swing and I just couldn’t smooth it out even by turning the sensitivity down. The only solution is to notch out the ground noise, which of course means you could miss some gold in that range but in highly mineralized ground it seems to be the only option. The only alternative is to put up with the chatter and learn to tell the difference in the signals between gold and hot rocks, for me that’s not a great option, but some people do use that approach it seems.

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