Broke a big silver hoodoo

It looked like i would never find a silver Crown , or half , but last week i found the unexpected . William 1V half Crown in very worn condition but i will take it in any condition . These were only minted between 1834 to 1837 . As it’s so badly worn it has only been washed in water , any more cleaning will lose more detail .



I have precious few coins to show for the last few years… when I get time to go out, gold calls more strongly!


Yep Miguel , you have yellow fever . I believe it is incurable too !

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Well done! Silvers that old are hard to come by, let alone a half crown. Great stuff

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Yeeeeew! Not only a big silver but a rare one too! Not many coins of any kind with his head on them. Poor bugga didn’t have much of a reign, and I doubt that many made it to Australia.

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A great find!!!
North East Tassy?

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Yes Ron , old gold mining town that needs a good fire through it as i reckon there is some more finds to be made yet .

Mmmm - sounds like a job for a dry lightning storm!

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Would need to happen soon Ron . The NE is already dangerously dry , a summer fire could end in disaster .

Well done mate. A crown and a sov are still on my list. Just got to keep swinging i guess.