Can anyone identify this?

Found this little pulley thingy near an old gold mine today. Anyone got any idea what it is?

Looks like a old tap from a bar keg

G’day mate, looks like the same shape as a keg tap but it’s not hollow and it’s got 2 little pulleys in it. Closest things I’ve found online are pulleys for sash windows or chandeliers. Maybe it was repurposed to lower the smoko and billy down to the miners?

Is it a window sash pulley?

I reckon it might be, most of the industrial pulleys from that time seem to be cast iron so I think it was something from a house. We used to use the sash weights as ballast in commercial Cray pots.

Just a thought a pully on a smaller scale mine to move buckets of ore up to the surface being brass would likely date from the late 1800s

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