Clean up your mess!

Hi everyone,

One of our members went out last weekend to have a look in his EL near Corinna, and found a campsite had been set up over the Christmas break, with a ton of gear left behind and rubbish left everywhere. The perpetrators had got really stuck in and chopped a bunch of trees down as well.

This mess that was left behind is the single most dangerous thing we face as hobby prospectors. We constantly face accusations from the Greens and others that all we’re interested in is digging up and trashing the place. To make matters worse, this happened inside a formal reserve.

I’m pretty sure whoever did this is not one of our members, but in case whoever did it comes across this: shame on you! You’re the sort of person who gives prospectors and fossickers in general a bad name and makes it so much harder for the rest of us to get permission to go places.

For those who are PMAT members and care to read it, you can always refresh yourself on our Code of Conduct.

We’re lucky it was one of our members who first came across this, and not a bushwalker or MRT inspector. It took a fair bit of effort to start to clean up the site, and there will be a further clean-up bee during the Luina weekend, if anyone is interested in lendinging a hand to clean up what’s left of the mess.


I’ll be lending a hand to clear the rubbish at the AGM and urge any member who enjoys going to this site to do likewise.


Very disappointing to see, by the looks of it they were dredging too.


I’m in for helping Miguel. Let me know the spot also in case I can get down there have my email. Phil


Add me to the mob cleaning up.It is so very disrespectful to the environment as well as uncouth.


I’m in i will be trying to get there on the Friday the 5th to set up camp if I get the day off work

Thanks everyone, we’ll have a chat at camp and decide how to go about it. Many hands make light work, and if everyone who comes out carries something out, it won’t take a lot to get it tidied up.