Coil choice for GPX detector

I recently joined to PI club (So I can stop blaming the detector for my bad prospecting)! I brought a second-hand GPX-4500 and was completely over-welled by the coil choice, frankly the two available for the GM1000 was sufficiently baffling and now I am in possession of five more. From what I can tell there are a significant number of GPX users on this forum and if they would share some wisdom that would be great! My main questions are if tassie soils are so hot they require double-d and if I should stick to the smaller coils (my 14" mono dwarfs by poor GM1000)? I understand that coil choice is rather personal but I’ve heard a number of strong opinions one way or another and was wondering if anyone had any Tassie specific tit-bits.


Can’t comment specifically on 4500 on Tassie soil, as I have primarily used mine in the Victorian goldfields (which were extremely mineralised in some places).
Can’t beat the Nugget Finder 14x9 or 12” for general use.
Can’t praise the NF 8x6 Sadie coil enough. It’s a little weapon!
I’ve heard good things about the Coiltek Elite range, but can’t comment as I haven’t swung them yet.
In terms of dealing with mineralised soils I believe it’s more about finding the right timing on the 45 than coil choice (see below).
I’ve only ever used a DD in crazy EMI.
Hope this gives you something to think about.


Thanks Blake!

The bloke I brought the machine off also recommended the little Sadie coil, so I guess it must be pretty popular. Thats quite a useful chart, hadn’t stumbled upon yet, now I just need to work out what timing actually means! Guess I’m in for some more reading. EMI is a completely new problem for me, discovered it when I turned my machine on in the front yard for the first time - the only comment I can make on my Coiltek Elite coil thus far is that it is not a fan of power lines :rofl:. However, I don’t foresee EMI being a large issue in the relatively remote west (although I may well be proven wrong).