Derby Field Trip Oct 2019

About twenty people attended the PMAT field trip at the Mutual Road camp ground in Derby on Saturday 26th of October.

The weather forecast was pretty terrible: showers and thunderstorms, up to 20 mm of rain.

True to forecast, the skies opened up at about 8:00 am, an hour before the meeting. As luck would have it, it cleared up and we had a short meeting. A few new members joined up, so if you’re reading this - Welcome!

The Ringarooma River at the Mutual camp ground was the lowest it’s been for years, so we decided to have a go just there.

The weather held most of the day, with only a couple of showers at lunchtime and the forecast thunder in the afternoon. Nobody found anything ground-shaking, but a decent pieces of topaz and some small sapphires were not hard to find.

Afternoon saw most people settle down for a rest

Quite a few people camped there overnight, and some of us headed for the Weld River fossicking area, where the sapphires were a bit easier to find. Some stones from the trip below. If you have any of your own, feel free to post them here!

Thanks everyone who came… see you on the next one!



Glad you guys didnt get too wet and that gems were found! The Ringarooma river is certainly looking very low :astonished:
Welcome to the new members!

Really enjoyed the site and joining PMAT. Thanks Miguel (or whoever) for organising it. I can see how field trips could present challenges. Some of the locals in old mining areas don’t like outsiders at all…not mentioning any names here :slight_smile: