Detected a Gold Chain

Gold chains are notoriously hard to detect as commonly the detector sees the individual links , unless it’s bunched up , has a clasp or attached pendant etc. So while detecting on the beach recently a bumpy repeatable #2 signal on the Equinox had me guessing . It was very narrow in one direction and long at 180 degrees . Drove the shovel in and at about 5 inches a 40cm gold chain came up on the end of the shovel ! Acid tests at 14 - 15 ct gold and has been down a long time . If you want gold you you have to dig those low numbers .


Yep, most of the gold jewellery I’ve detected on the beach has been a scratchy 4-10 signal that you probably wouldn’t dig anywhere else, makes you wonder how much gold we’ve walked over on old house sites, but if you dug every signal you’d be lucky to detect a square meter a day!

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I try not to think about what i have left behind !

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This was another rather uninspiring 2-10 signal on the nox that I wouldn’t have dug anywhere but on the beach.


Ripper find Dave ! Would bet that without the pedant and clasp it would ring up around 2 like my chain . Niiicccce !

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