Detecting at Mathinna

Hi all

Thinking about doing a day trip to Mathinna tomorrow to do some gold detecting as the weather looks good and I’ve got an RDO. Does anyone have any insight or knowledge of locations that might be worth trying as I’ve never been before. I know it’s been worked quite heavily over the years but don’t really even know where to start. Also if if anyone’s keen to come out for the day might be a bit late notice but give me a call or text on 0407 223 864

Cheers guys

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Can’t help you with any good detecting spots round there cos I’ve never found a thing with a detector in that area. Tried detecting and panning out to the west of mathinna round the Tyne river and barely got a spec. Same with most of the old mines and creeks heading up tower hill road. Got some little flakes panning in long gully and Dans rivulet but nothing great. Good luck!

There are alluvial diggings in Black Horse Gully at the base of the City of Hobart Spur (more or less east of it). I seem to recall the ground is under tenement, it would pay to check before heading out.

We had a trip there a few years ago, and as far as I recall only one person found a bit of gold. There are also alluvial diggings up the hill at Sunbeam, near Tower Hill, where people have detected gold, including me. Only small bits, but gold is gold.


Thanks very much for the insight. I never ended up going today but I’ll have to organise a trip out there at some stage and have a look. I’m just wondering when looking at areas under tenement is it possible to just go off list maps? Is it updated regularly enough or is there another way. Cheers

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