Detecting Beaconsfield

How’s it going everyone. Just curious to find out does anyone go gold detecting at Beaconsfield? I can see most of the area is under lease but am wondering has anyone gained permission or know of who to contact to gain permission. Also would the area be worthwhile to detect, I reckon there would be a fair few junk targets around.


I’ve done plenty of relic detecting round beaconsfield but never had much luck on gold. Most of the alluvial areas are under the current town so there’s 150 years worth of junk to get through before you get to the gold bearing ground. There’s always Salisbury Hill, but that has seen a lot of attention from detectorists and targets are few and far between.


I was thinking it may have been detected a lot over the years. Might still be worth a look. Certainly hard to come by some good ground in tassie I’m sure there’s still plenty of gold about though.