Does PMAT still need a separate website?

Hi everyone,

We currently have a separate website ( as well as this forum. The website has a lot of content that could equally well be hosted here, and this forum is more current by nature of it being an ongoing discussion.

I’ve recently started to consider whether there’s much point maintaining a separate website, in which we keep duplicating the information in here.

Any thoughts?


Putting it all in one place makes sense to me.


Yep i agree just the one makes sense cheers


I think the only advantage of keeping both is perhaps that newbies will stumble across the website before the app🤷🏼‍♂️

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When you go to the old site and click-on ‘Forum’ you come here.

If the forum is not a sub-branch of the original but a separate website then it’s kind of duplication. :space_invader: :robot:

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One site, no confusion.

The forum is hosted separately to our web page, although I set them up so it seemed like it was just one more part of it. As time goes on we’re duplicating some of the information here, and I’m wondering whether I should just make the effort to transfer the stuff that’s only on our web page to here instead.

The forum seems more useful to us.