Don't you just love it

…when you are walking down a creek that is at most knee deep and then next step you are neck deep! Brrrr!

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Ha ha done that sometimes the soot underwater is like quick sand

This was a weird one - it was just a sudden deep hole - it was like someone had dug a hole that was 4 feet deeper than the surrounding riverbed - except that there was no evidence other than the hole - no pile of rocks or anything like that. The other odd thing with the hole is that the rest of the riverbed is rocks - either bedrock or cobbles, but the hole had no rocks on the bottom of it. I couldn’t see anything that would cause the waterflow to scour out such a hole either - it was halfway down a straight stretch of the creek.


Wasnt sunday creek.??

No - I don’t know where Sunday Creek is. Does it have a big hole too?