EL7,2021 norfolk rd

Hi everyone ,I finally had my EL granted at Sabbath ck a big thks to everyone who helped an incouraged me along the way woohoo


Good on you. I have never run a mine but have run a business or two. I recon by keeping the operation small you have a better chance of success. I would be keeping track of hours worked and paying yourself a reasonable rate.


Congratulations Andrew
I hope it goes well for you mate
Be good to catch up over there with you again soon

Great news mate congratulations.

Things can only look up.
Now you will be able to REALLY impress prospective girlfriends! :grinning:

Nice work :+1:bet ur keen to get in and stir a bit of dirt up
Hope you do well

Congrats mate and well done :grin::clap::clap: I will have to kids to do free slave labour for you if you need :rofl::rofl:

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Thought small miners were extinct in Tasmania, if you don’t mind me asking what are you mining up that way?

Good news, you will be keen to get down there with a bit of gear.

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Bit of a updatefor EL7, we got our works program approved, which is great ,i can finally do something,all pmat members are always welcomed , it would be great to get any feed back, on what people have found or found in the past etc even any ole storys or rumours or old maps any history at all about that area, all will be kept private , first part of the project will be cutting track in an reestablish boom gate on the original rd in , followed up by a comprehensive augering program taking soil samples an finding bed rock, all hard work but very exciting,will put up post at different times when heading down ,if anyone wants to help ,pay is non existing , hurt yourself tuff luck , i can provide a cold beer an a few laughs,will have a pmat meet later in the year down there for the club REGARDS andrew 0400623451


Thats awsome mate great to hear. Thanks for letting us have a go as well mate :grin::ok_hand:t2:


G’day Andrew,
Just reading about your progress, yes , I will come and give you a hand out there later in the year when ever I can.

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congrats on your venture
i can help help with a boom gate if you need one

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Thks col for the offer the original boom gate still there a bit bashed up though ,will try to restore, c how we go , have cut a good path in now on the original rd into sabbath ,took a ship load of rubbish out , some ferals camped in there an made a huge mess , next stage is take excavator down an restore rd for good access to start augering program etc cheers


Hi everyone, been a while since last here. So much has happened but letting you know I’m still about and can’t wait to meet up again sometime soon. Congrats Andrew EL.


Some pics from the recent trip to EL 7/2021:
a good turnout by club members: we all managed to squeeze in, think everyone found some gold to scratch that itch, wild weather sorted out the better camp sites and gear, plenty of banter and good cheer around the camp fire, great to see faces old and new!


Hi all ,heading down to Sabbath to do a bit of work on EL7 with excavator today an sun ,will camp at behives ,drop in an say goodday if any prospectors about cheers andrew 0400623451