Email deliverability issues

Hi everyone,

I’ve been noticing more and more email issues with our email provider, to the point that recently hardly any email was being delivered to Yahoo addresses and today forum email died altogether.

I’m working with our provider to fix the issue but if you have forum emails turned on and notice it being particularly quiet today, this is why.


OK email is up and working again, but I am looking for an alternative email provider.

I have discovered that our email provider allows a few too many spammers to use its services, and as a result Yahoo is banning its servers from sending mail to Yahoo email accounts.

This is probably why some of you have been getting no email from PMAT. Needless to say, I’m not too happy, since after Gmail and Outlook, Yahoo is probably one of the biggest providers out there. I wish I’d known this when I set it up.

It seems silly, but if you can’t get email from us for something like this, you: can’t get invites to trips or newsletters; can’t reply to messages or RSVP; can’t recover your forum account or change any settings that need you to recieve an email… and so on.

Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on things but it seems to be going OK for now.



Has there been an invite sent out yet for the Gladstone trip yet mate?

I got an invitation to the Gladstone meet and I am on a Yahoo acct. Not sure that this means anything or helps in any way, but it is input.

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I don’t have an invite for the Gladstone trip. I’m Gmail

Hi @PatHogen it was probably the email summary of the post I wrote. I haven’t sent out the email newsletter-format invite, busy week at work catching up after three months away, so I’ve been pretty tired in the evenings.