Field trip to Weldborough, 9 April 2022


Our next field trip will be to Weldborough on Saturday 2022-04-08T23:00:00Z2022-04-09T07:00:00Z

The meeting place will be at the beer garden of the Weldborough Hotel at 9:00 am Saturday 28th November. As usual, there is no cost for the trip, but it is only open to members. If you’re interested in joining PMAT, you’re more than welcome to come along and join up on the day.

We probably won’t have much Association business to discuss, and the meeting will be more to organise who’s heading where. Options include Main Creek, the Moorina Fossicking Area on Weld River, and Black Creek.

We’ve had good rainfall in the last few months, which might have carried out some fresh sorting of the gravels in the Weld River and other areas. With luck this will have improved the fossicking, so it’s a good time to give it a test.

Getting there

The Weldborough Hotel is located at 12 Main Road, Weldborough, approximately 25 minutes from Derby and 45 minutes from St Helens.

Where to stay

There is free camping at the back of the Hotel, with toilet facilities and paid showers. The Hotel serves meals, though if you’d like to eat at the pub, it would be wise to book early:

What to bring

The water my well have started to get noticeably colder, so it would be good to bring either waders or a wetsuit in order to stay warm for extended periods in the water. For fossicking for gemstones, your main tools will be a long-handled shovel and a pair of gem sieves. Other useful bits of gear include panning dishes, scoops, and containers for your gemstones.

Nowadays using a small river sluice is allowed, and Black Creek has a small amount of gold in it, so if you’re planning to head out there, bring your pan or sluice.

Fossicking options

Three main areas have easy access from Weldborough: The Weld River Fossicking Area at Moorina; Main Creek; and Black Creek.

There will likely be people heading to all three of these either on the Saturday, or those who stay overnight, on the Sunday.

Trip rules

For safety reasons there will be a register on site. Those heading out for the day will be asked to sign out, and indicate where (generally) they headed to. Please sign in again when they return safely so we know not to come looking for you.


Dan and I wont be able to go unfortunatly. We will be on the mainland at a wedding.
But will join you soon
Salwa and Dan
The snorrers. LOL

Will be close by at Moorina Golf Club playing their tournament . Might drop up after to say hello . Good luck to those attending .

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Hi everyone,

I am in quarantine as a close contact and unfortunately some of our other committee members are also unable to come.

It’s a shame, because the weather is looking good for the weekend, but we have to pull the plug. We may be able to organise an alternative field trip, but we’re running out of fair weather time. I’ll post here and email if/when we do.




I’m going anyway! Will be at the Weldborough pub by lunchtime friday. Staying till Monday morning.


Take ya wet weather gear Dave , they are now forecasting rain up there all weekend .

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I normally slip and fall in the creek anyway! I’ve got the weekend off so I’ll suck it and see!


Good luck . I hope you can show us some some quality blue .

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Kids football sunday so no go for me unfortunately

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Haven’t made my fortune yet, but a lovely place to spend a few hours!


That certainly does look nice!

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Was in very similar country off Emu Rd on Saturday looking for old sites . Plenty of beaut creeks up there for prospecting . A few very light showers and surprisingly warm .


It’s hard to find any old sites up there, the 12 inches of leaf litter hides any signs quite well!


Uploading: rps20220412_224234.jpg…
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Big bomb topaz and a couple of nice little sapphires from the weekend.

I would like to see the Topaz, it is not coming up on an upload.


The topaz is a score


Nice stones Dave , we will have to have a chat one day about where you were . I think the area i was in on Sat. showed a lot of potential . And i managed some Chinese and English relics !


Good one Dave,
Monster topaz and sapphire is a nice blue.
Looks like a lovely spot to chill out