Field trip to Zeehan area to coincide with Zeehan Gem Show - 6 Nov 2021

Hi everyone,

The next PMAT field trip will be on Saturday the 6th of November 2021 at Reece Dam.

Please keep an eye out here as the COVID situation is again changing quickly and we may have to change plans. If this happens, updates will go under this topic.

We’re holding the field trip to coincide with the Zeehan Gem and Mineral Fair, which will be held on the 6th and 7th of November at the West Coast Heritage Centre, 114 Main Road, Zeehan. The plan is to make this one fairly informal, though there are plenty of fossicking opportunities around Zeehan, should you wish to partake :grinning:

Where and when

West Coast Heritage Centre, 114 Main Road, Zeehan
Saturday 6th November 2021 (the Fair continues on Sunday)

Where to stay

This trip is much less structured and more informal, so you’re welcome to stay wherever you want, but most of us will be camping at the Reece Dam camping area, at the Pieman Dam. The main access is off Pieman Road, on the east side of the dam.

As usual, we will bring our own portaloo, since there are no toilets at the campsite. Please note there is also no phone reception.

Other things to do nearby

If you’re staying until Sunday, there are a few good fossicking areas nearby:

  • Corinna area (across the Pieman) for gold
  • Wilson River / Merton Creek for ossie and gold
  • Trial Harbour area for jade
  • Heemskirk tin fields for quartz and tourmaline

Last time we had a meetup at Zeehan, some of us headed to the Ring River, but I doubt the river level will be low enough this time around.


Thanks Miguel
Can’t wait for this one cheers :+1:

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Hi all,will bring along pmat merchandise ,caps stubby holders ,stickers an some pay dirt bags ideal xmas presents :rofl: :rofl:


Hi everyone,

Because of the heavy rainfall and spilling on the Reece Dam, Hydro Tasmania have closed off the campsite.

We’re trying to find an alternative place to stay, please keep your eyes on this for updates.

Because it’s so close to the date of the trip, if we can’t find an alternative place to camp we will just do a day trip with everyone staying where you can.

The Western Explorer road between Corinna and Smithton is also closed due to flood damage to the Lindsay River bridge, so if you were planning to travel that way, please use an alternative route.

I will clarify whether we have an alternative or moving to a day trip only (and where to meet) by 2 pm today.


At this stage it’s looking like Tullah Oval. We’re still sorting out details.


Hi everyone,

The weather is not looking the best, but the trip is still on if you feel like coming along. We will meet outside the West Coast Heritage Centre, 114 Main Road, Zeehan, at 9:00 am on Saturday.

We have permission to camp Friday and Saturday nights on private land on the far side of the Tullah boat ramp car park. To get there, take the road off the highway towards the Chalet, and the first drive on the right heads down to the boat ramp. Camping will be on the far side of the car park and towards the bush. We will have a portaloo as usual.

If you want to camp in there, please be respectful of the private property, clean up any mess, and if you get a chance, drop into Richard Wolfe’s Zeehan Rock Shop stall at the Gem Show and say thank you!


That is great news, given our original site had been closed off due to high water levels.
Thanks to Ron, Miguel and Andrew for scrambling on this and special shout-out to Richard Wolfe for coming through with a venue :+1::+1:
The Zeehan mineral fair is always worth a visit, as is the Zeehan rock shop :grin:
Look forward to seeing you there!


For those planning to camp at Tullah, we have found an alternative location nearby:
Approx 2.5km on Pieman Rd from Tullah turnoff is a track leading down to Lake Rosebery with sheltered camping
Gravel track is on lower side of road just past Farm Ck.
Look for pink flagging tape along track.
See attachment (s)


G’day all,
Not having much luck with attending fieldtrips. This time I have to see the quack every two or three days due to a dog bite. Hope you all having a good time and some luck.


Thanks everyone who could make it, we had an interesting day looking at the gem show and the Zeehan Rock Shop and, in the afternoon, @rgprospecting took us for a tour of the historical nickel and copper mines around the Melba Flats / Cuni area.

Most of us met at the Tullah Lodge for dinner, and the campsite was beautiful, if a little wet, especially when the skies opened up at about 8:30 pm on Saturday.

Here’s a few photos from the weekend:

The main campsite:

Views from camp across the lake:


Hi all
Had a great time away out west with everyone
Went across to Corinna on Sunday and managed to find my very first gold in the pan ended up with about 20 small flakes
Not very big but gold is gold and I am stoked :grin:
I would like to say a massive thank you to all the club members for all your help and advice
It has made the job of finding a bit of gold so much easier than what it would have been
A few photos of the weekend below


Thanks to everyone involved in putting together the Zeehan trip on the weekend and rolling with the punches to find us probably the perfect camping spot
And everyone else who came my 1st trip and meet some awesome people who couldn’t do enough to help shout out in particular to the 3 andrews Miguel and Ben


Any time bro happy to help :grin::sunglasses::ok_hand:t2:


I’m a bit late with this one as works been ridiculous. Great trip to Zeehan and an amazing camp site. Thanks to everyone who helped organise the the trip and camp site. A few photos from the weekend including some of my purchases at the gem show and a visit to the hellyer on the way home. Can’t wait for the next trip wherever that will be, please give us a shout if there’s anything I can do to assist.

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Hi Ray,
Hope you’re feeling better soon!

Good morning Andrew,
thanks for your thought. Hopefully tomorrows doctors visit is the last one.


Few more pics and finds from the field trip.


Really nice camp site. I’ve been way to busy but no regrets :slight_smile: