Finding Osmiridium

I’ve been googling Osmiridium but cannot find any pics on the net can anyone help me out so if on the off chance I come across any I don’t throw it out with the rest of the gravel

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There’s a good photo here:


It’s very shiny silver, and does not tarnish. It often comes with chromite and magnetite that can be a shiny, metallic black, but ossie is much heavier in the pan, and silver rather than black (although manganese-coated ossie is not uncommon, and can be black).

There ought to be pannable ossie in the Heazlewood, Roaring Mag Creek and McGinty’s Creek, near Luina, which we can get to on the weekend.


Bright silvery, almost white flecks in the pan, heavy hangs with gold, generally smaller than the gold

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Here’s a photo of some Ossie that I panned from McGinty’s Ck last time I was there.


Nice chunky pieces!

This is a good spot to try your hand at panning a bit of ossie.

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Tiny grains of osmiridium from west coast AGM plus a tiny sphere of gold (from old timers smelting perhaps?)
Magnified x10

Although sharing similar densities, the greater hardness means the ossie retains its original granular form, rather than being rounded smooth and flattened as happens with softer gold.


still something i really like to find well done drystone you did well


If you find gold and don’t lose it in your dish you wont lose any ossie. I had a grain in the dish on the Heazlewood and it stayed in the same place in about 10 dishes. You will mistake it for a piece of silver


Is prospecting allowed at adamsfield?