Fossicking beginners

I’m looking at taking a couple of young people fossicking tomorrow, was thinking at taking them to the Tunnel Marsh the MRT states that material can be found by shallow digging. Has anyone been there and what could one expect shallow means?

When I say young people I mean 16 and 17. I have applied for a group prospecting licence when that comes in it will increase the number of places we can go.



Hi Rob,

Tunnel Marsh is shallow compared to other diggings. You’ll have to have a look when you’re out there, but if I recall correctly, the digging was only between one and two feet.

However, there’s very little space to park a car, and the last time I was there the diggings were both flooded and frozen, which might also be the case at the moment. Last I was there it was pretty obvious where to dig. A soil probe would help.


Thanks for the advice Miguel, never done anything like this before. It was a bit wet, but we managed to find some areas to have a dig in. Still not sure we knew what we were doing but managed to find some material so everyone was happy. I can report that there are a couple of car parking spots that have been added to the side of the road, (looked new) only a couple but adequate. I can also report that there were a number of diggings that had not been back filled, we did what we could but there was plenty of them.