Fossicking on Mining Lease @M/2011 at Back Creek

G’Day to all members of this Forum
I have for many years supported the fossicking for gold community by grant permission to fossick on my and Paul Moores Mining Lease .2M/2011 at Back Creek.
Please me make this point very clear after a recent incident!!!

Permission will be granted to any holder of a MRT Prospectors Licence on the following conditions:

  1. Application is made, by E Mail to several days before your intended visit. If no reply is received then you do not have a permit!!!
  2. All applications must be in writing and phone call permits will not be issued.
  3. A separate application must be made for each time a visit is made.
    . The application should include full names, address, car type, colour and registration number of ALL applicants and the specific days you will be visiting.

The permit issued by me will be forwarded onto my partner Paul Moore, so that he is aware of who is on the Lease.

Ron Gregory