Found in the dunes East coast Tassie

Hi Everyone, new to the forum. Quick background, M 56 from tassie, run a 5000 and a pan. I’ve just started hitting the creeks in tassie but have had 3 trips to the Vic Triangle and a couple of WA trips. Prospect with a mate who found a hoard in the dunes here on the east coast about eight yrs ago. I’ve included some photos and was wondering if you could tell me what I’m looking at. Enjoying the posts and looking forward to being part of this great community.
Cheers, Buzz.


Hi @Buzz,

The banded stones are types of chalcedony. The left one is onyx, the right one agate.

The clear, darker stones are smoky quartz. The green one malachite.

The metal seems heavy, but I don’t really have a suggestion. Could be electrum (gold-silver alloy).


To add to Miguel’s post , the yellow quartz piece could be citrine


WOW ! That is nice. Was it in the sand or you had to dig for it. They would all come out nice once polished.

It was found in the dunes on the east coast. One of the banded rocks was found on the surface and then enough specimens to fill around about a 40l container was under it down to about 500mm-1meter. Amazing find that someone had stashed there in the past.
Thanks to all for the info, I’ll pass it on