'Frogger' Gum Boots. Boo Hoo!

I tried some new gum Boots since my favorite "Muck Boots’ are discontinued and these Froggers seemed great. Really comfortable, no steel cap and flexible soles which showed great promise of reasonable grip on slippery rocks. Purchased a pair, and congratulated myself how well they felt, after a KM or so hike to where I was going to wave the detector about.
There the fairy tale ended. There’s steel in them thar boots. Seems there’s a steel tine up the middle of the sole. A trap for young and not so young players.
Howard A. from our mob pointed out to me and said that he never buys new boots without a pinpointer to check for hidden metal. A very wise thing to do which I would never have thought of.
Anyway, there’s the warning. Truly comfortable boots and no doubt great for panning operations, but not so good for detecting.




That’s exactly how I felt!!

WHAT!!! Muck boots discontinued ? No metal , good high snake protection , and waterproof ! I am heading off to a store that still has stock and buying a couple of pairs . I would be lost without mine .


Hope you succeed and can post where you found a pair.

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I have some as well Warren. I can only use them with my SDC and only if I’m careful. I keep detecting them with the larger coils.