Future of coin Hunting

Is the future of coin detecting destined to get more difficult? I reckon it’s inevitable. As the finite number of old coins get discovered the number remaining for detection reduces. Also, as more and more people join the ,cashless society ( either by choice or pressure from financial institutions and all forms of retail and service providers) less coins will be minted, circulated and be lost. The use of cash is dropping fast. Even at local Sunday markets in parks, nearly even store holder now offers the use of credit / debit card payment, using your card or mobile phone. It’s easier, quicker, safe, there’s no cash, no change and thus no lost coins. Even as a coin hunter myself, I admit to being sucked into the system. What can you do?
I guess I’ll just have to graduate to gold detecting.


Yeah I notice jeans I buy no longer have a coin pocket. Beach detectorists in LA found when they no longer needed coin for the parking meters the coins got scarce. But if they are scarce they are more valuable :slight_smile:
If you move to gold detecting there will be less gold and it will get more expensive. :slight_smile:

A myth I would like to see get busted is that the old timers discovered all the gold. There has been quite a bit of erosion since 1870 so maybe it’s out there where people have not looked?


and of course we have better technology for finding gold now - metal detectors, mask & snorkels for sniping etc.