Getting the jab - not too bad

I booked online and got the Astra Zeneca jab at Mowbray Racecourse Turf Club yesterday. Here’s some feedback:
You can only book online as an individual not with a partner.The booking is based on your medicare number. We got appointments on different days but we could still get vaccinated together. The staff are friendly and understanding. There is heaps of road works for us and it’s an 80k return trip. (West Tamar Highway is about 50% roadworks and the Batman Highway also has roadwork)

Had 3 goes at getting my medicare number right online - when you get there you fill out another form. There seems to be a lot of administration. This part should be more automated but I guess people can’t be just scanned like a Q-Code :slight_smile: It was fairly quiet on a weekday with unlimited parking unlike the LGH. The jab is painless and professional. They encourage you to have a Chupa Chup afterwards. Thats because you are observed for ten or 15 minutes.

Then they make an appointment for the next dose which ATM is in July.
All in all not too bad and for me one less thing to worry about.


Thanks Karl,
It’s good to get a first hand account: helps de-mystify a simple process that combats the tiny bug thats been holding the world to random for the past year!
Good on you :+1: