Gpx 4500/5000, sorted! Thanks PMAT

Long shot, but anyone willing to loan/rent me a 45 or 5000 for a week in late july? I have a breif WA trip on the cards and need a decent gold detector. Happy to hand over a sizable security deposit, and a reasonable rental payment, cash, gold, side of lamb?
Cheers Andrew C


Hi Andrew,
If no takers have a look here:
For an extra $15 per day you can rent a GPZ 7000 :grinning:

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Thanks Karl, will probably just buy another 4500, the release of the 6000 has dropped the 2nd hand prices.

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Two very generous pmat members have offered me a detectors to borrow. Very humbled to be associated with such a kind bunch of people. Thanks again, and trip report pending! Andrew


Good it worked out. The mining industry in WA is desperate for workers so have a quick practice of saying ‘no’ on the trip over :slightly_smiling_face: