GPX4500 for sale - SOLD

Selling my genuine 4500 with Nugget Finder 14x9 Evo coil and Nugget Finder 8x6 Sadie coil. Original battery/belt as well as WireFree wifi headphones Transmitter Reciever and three LiPo batteries with LiPo charger which sit (attached with Velcro) to the 4500 controller under a DD protector. This makes it ‘Free’ so you can put the detector down and walk away. Same system as Simon and Miguel use.LiPo batteries get around 5-6 hrs use and weigh virtually nil, so you can have one in use and two spares in your backpack. Just realized the original Minelab charger isn’t in the photo. It’s there just not visible. $3800. Not separating. PM or reply on the forum.


4500 is now sold.

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