Has anyone come across a new gate in Weldborough?

I’ve recently had some correspondence from a fossicker who’s come across a gate on a paddock by the Weld river in Weldborough.

Has anyone come across it? The land where the gate is looks to be unallocated Crown Land, but the person who emailed me was vague enough that I’m not that confident.

This is about where he says the new gate is, at the Weld River ford:

I know that the farmer in the block of private freehold land above it has had issues with his cows breaking legs in the holes that fossickers have dug into the bank, but there no longer seems to be a Crown Licence over the big paddock to the south, so I’m not sure if that’s still the issue.


We have been camping quite a number of times on the flats there and noticed the new gate a few months ago. I’m not sure of peoples arrangements with (maybe new?) owners, but people are still crossing over the fence and heading down stream. Did notice some construction going on the hill.

We did have a little adventure with small yield- But nice anyways! I think the owners have had a lot of issues dealing with large amounts of junk/rubbish left around. We made sure to pick up what we could to keep the area nice and hopefully are able to return in the future.


Just to be clear, the ford is on Crown land, and it sounds like the gate as well.

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I think you may be right. I’ve circled the approximate location of the gate. Hope the picture works


Thats my camp from a few australia days ago :rofl: