Have you found gold in unmarked creeks?

Last year I was prospecting in a creek that I’ve gone over a few times in the last few years, and got wondering why the surrounding creeks were not marked as having gold in LISTmap.

Since the creek I’ve been working was getting a bit flogged, I spent a day working a km or so of one of the neighbouring creeks that has the same geology.

Immediately it was obvious that the old-timers didn’t waste any effort in this creek. No stacked rocks or evidence of workings of any kind.

Still, I managed to find two little tiddlers with the SDC (the two separate ones on the right hand side of the picture).


Yes, often the little side branches to the main workings can be productive: these came from a tiny branch off a branch off the main creek at Corinna


No alluvial gold in this creek according to the MRT maps


Nice ragged gold: might have to track the source!
As they say; fortune favours the bold: government records are only part of the story




Some beautiful pieces! I suppose the MRT maps give you a bit of an idea but not all finds have been recorded. I’m sure plenty more gold exsists well outside any marked areas. I found this alluvial gold in one of the small creeks off the Arthur river. Lots of tiny pieces added up to a bit over half a gram.


Some one beat me to the source of this lot by at least 120 years. Luckily once they found the reef they often forgot about the alluvial and elluvial gold it shed. Probably not rich enough for them to process but good enough for me!