I Updated The Software In My Minelab Equinox

My first detector update. I used the 3.0 software update from Minelab.

That was easy. Download the update, run it from Win10 or Mac. Connect the detector with the charge cable and it picks it up. I used a laptop which I think is safer because if there is a power outage the laptop battery takes over. Also you are not charging the detector, just ‘re-flashing’ it.

It takes a couple of minutes and when complete you have an extra frequency of 4kHz in your Equinox. Also better stability apparently. Too wet outside to test it :umbrella:


Yep easy to do , and if you dont like the new update then the option is there to roll it back to whatever version you prefer . This is a great service being provided by Minelab . I have been running my Nox with the latest version for a couple of weeks , have not found any use for 4Khz yet and i haven’t noticed any difference in stability . But , the machine has lost none of it’s ability so i will just continue running this version .

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Same here… updated my Equinox 800 yesterday but definitely to wet to go scratching in the dirt just yet… :cloud_with_rain::umbrella:

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