Join PMAT Online

Is it possible to do? I like the idea of joining at the AGM or at a field day but online is kind of immediate.

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Hi karl,

We looked at getting PayPal so people could pay online, but it was just too hard.

But you’re right, if we had an online system for joining up and issuing receipts, it would make things easier for everyone. At the moment the easiest way for us to audit who has paid (and where money has come from) is to join up on one of the meets and get a paper receipt.

I haven’t been able to find a system that would be worthwhile for a group our size yet, but if anyone has a suggestion, they’d be most welcome!

Your right about PP. A lot of cross-checking and anti-money laundering. Actually If anyone knows anything about money-laundering it’s metal detectorists hunting coins…and cleaning them. :slight_smile:

Quote of the week from an American in England “he’s finding roman silver at 4 inches down and I’m digging bottle caps at a foot down”

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